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Magnolia Interactive is a team of passionate marketing experts and creators who bring together the best of two worlds- traditional and digital marketing. Our hybrid marketing approach has helped brands seal all the gaps that may arise when developing a marketing plan.  We blend our technical expertise,creativity, and strategic thinking to create end-to-end marketing campaigns that are customized to attract your potential clients. 

Our Services

Events & Activations

Events help bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical – reaching the customers directly in the 3D world. We assist brands in giving themselves a concrete shape in the customers’ minds by employing creative and memorable activations.

Digital Media Creation

Content rules the world of digital marketing. Period. Creatively thought out, well-optimised content gets shared like wildfire. Keep giving people exactly what they want to share and lie back to see organic traffic like never before.

Hybrid Marketing

The future of marketing is neither traditional nor digital — it’s Hybrid. It is shrewd, comprehensive and is born at the convergence of many areas of expertise. Hybrid marketing is unconventional, offbeat and unexpected. And that is exactly why it works.

We think for you as you think for your clients.

At Magnolia Interactive, your progression is our primary focus. Why? ‘Coz when you grow, we grow. It’s as simple as that. We put our heart and soul to help you beat your competitors. Surf to the top with innovative and impactive campaigns on both digital & conventional platforms.

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Our team

Boney Sudhakar

Boney Sudhakar

Chief Cheer Leader

Brand consultant, Corporate filmmaker, Experiential marketeer — @MagnoliaInteractive, Digital marketing strategist (@MatricsConsulting), Event maker & Wedding planner — @MagnoliaEvents. Also, a Foodie, Movie buff, and Photography enthusiast.

Mahesh Mohan

Mahesh Mohan

Chief Obedience Officer

Agnostic, Apolitical, Blogger (@Minterest), Bluephile, Brutally honest, Content Strategist (@OnCast), Curious, Digital Creator (@maheshone), Finance geek (@Onevestor), Marketing ninja (@Matrics360), Microsoft fanatic, Multi-passionate nerd, Overthinker, Perfectionist, Podcaster (@maheshF1RST), Smilemaker (@Sparsh), WordPress evangelist, Workaholic.

Nebu Sam John

Nebu Sam John

Chief Inspiration Officer

Art and literature lover, Bibliophile, Cricket fanatic, Humour, Music buff, Organic farmer (@DiagroFarms), Philosophy, Political activist, Trip planner (@WanderNow).